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     "Rissy" the Residence Artist



A partially true story of two women who became friends as adults.... As a child your first experience with "the real world" starts with school. After our first day of school we came home and announced to our families that we were dropping out to become cowboys. We were geniuses. Then life happened....It seemed there was a list of accomplishments that were like required reading. If you failed to check them off it would somehow end up on your permanent record. Yikes ! Check, check, check...Check Please !  This is admittedly a brilliant form of crowd control...Now we've not only seen behind the curtain, but operated the controls. The problem with the rat race is that you don't get to ride the rats..they ride you. Well, hang on folks cause we're bucking.

Between us we've had many job titles, including cake decorator, chef, landscaper, military, police, architect, care-giver, model, dog trainer, hostage negotiator, and business owner (most of these are true). We've graduated over and over, survived cancer, dog fights, car wrecks, broken bones, and numerous relationships. We've played hard, lived fast, and loved much...Now it's COWBOY time.

We started Hillbilly Studios to bring our creativity out of hibernation and allow our minds to play and our hands to create.....with plenty of free time to spend with our horses. Thanks for joining us. We look forward to sharing our art with you.

Tucker the Chief Shoe Wear-er (CSW)


                 The Chief Hillbilly